Tower Defense: Robo Wars

I think this game would work well with a robotic theme and maybe keeping it as a 2-player game.

In the distant future two technology companies rule the world and battle for complete domination. Players take turns sending their state-of-the-art robots against each other. Place turrets to defend your factory to destroy the enemy’s robots and scrap them to help build more turrets and your own robots. Place turrets and power cells on the build discs.

As enemy robots advance toward your factory you roll an 8-sided die to determine which of your turrets fire. Power cells, when activated by a die roll, power the two adjacent turrets to fire. Additionally, having a power cell on the board gives you an extra die to roll for maximum fire power. Destroying enemy robots gives you materials to build more turrets, you can also scrap your turrets for materials to build more turrets and power cells.

The material cost for robots, turrets and power cells will be indicated on the back of the tile.

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