Tower Defense board

The idea is for each player to have a board similar to the one shown above. Players would get to add tower tiles to the build spots on the board while other players get to add their monsters to your board and a roll of a 4-sided die would determine how many spaces the monsters advance. Another die roll would determine which of your towers could fire.

Players would have number tokens to place on their towers and those would be the towers that get to fire that round. Hearts on the Monster tiles would determine how many shots from a tower they can take.

Some towers would have different capabilities and different cost to build.

I was thinking players could draw new Monster tiles each round, the monsters would also have a cost. Defeating monsters on your board would earn you more coins to spend on more towers and monsters.

To determine which of your monster tiles go on what player’s board, cubes representing the monsters would be dropped into a dice tower with 4 openings at the bottom representing each player. If 2 of the orange player’s cubes end up in the blue player’s spot, then the orange player gets to place 2 of their monster tiles on that players start square on their board.

I will post more once I get some more solidified ideas and graphics.

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