Torchfire Games

A dungeon strategy card game.

When the Dark Queen invades the kingdom and covers the land in monsters controlled by her Dark Magic, what does one do? Pick a class and battle your way through Monsters and Dungeons to become the first hero to defeat the Dark Queen.

Change what type of damage the dark queen is weak against by placing wards on the Dark Altar. You can also lower the Dark Queen’s defense level by equipping Ancient Relics, special weapons or items you can find in the Dungeon.

Powering the ward on the altar cost magic and you need dungeon keys to open the dungeon doors they are behind. You can collect magic bottles by defeating monsters under the Dark Queen’s magical influence. Different monsters are weak against different damage types. When they are defeated they drop dungeon keys and loot. After a successful attack, collect your Key Card and your Loot Card(s), then pick up the Monster Card you defeated. The Shadow Magic icon in the top right corner tells you how many magic bottles you have to expend. Expend them at any time on your turn by discarding the amount of cards adding up to the necessary amount of magic bottles.

You may also encounter Dark Guardians inside the dungeon. Dark Guardians give you 4 magic bottles and a magic ward. To use the ward, place this card on the Dark Altar and the magic cost will be the four bottles on this card. Otherwise, you may discard this card to power another ward in your hand and lose the ward on this card.

After defeating a monster, draw a Loot Card for every chest icon in the bottom right corner of the Monster Card. Loot items may give you more power in different damage types, or increase the damage type you already deal.

If you find the Dark Relic, and you decide to equip this item, it changes your victory condition. Instead of defeating the Dark Queen, you must make sure she survives. The Dark Relic allows you to attack other players. You may continue to fight monsters and explore the dungeon as well.

Thanks for taking a look. Here are some pics of my son and I’s past games we’ve made.

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